Conference Paper Wins “Best Of” Award

We’re excited to announce that our paper submission for the upcoming ALISE annual conference was just announced as the winner of the “ALISE Best Conference Paper Award!”

Our paper, which is entitled “New methods, new needs: Preparing academic library practitioners to address ethical issues associated with learning analytics,” reflects emerging results from our survey for our grant-funded Prioritizing Privacy project. The abstract follows:

Academic libraries are participating in the collection and analysis of student data. Under the umbrella of learning analytics, these practices are directed toward developing an understanding of how libraries contribute to student learning, the educational experience, and efficient operations of academic institutions. Learning analytics, however, is loaded with ethical issues, which are complicated by privacy-related values espoused by library practitioners. This work-in-progress paper discusses emerging findings from a survey of academic library practitioners. The survey identifies what ethical issues practitioners associate with leaning analytics and the degree to which they are prepared to address such issues.

To access a preprint of the article, see our OSF repository.

Conference Paper Wins “Best Of” Award

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