The Prioritizing Privacy training curriculum will be designed for both in-person and online delivery and will be delivered in both modes. See the sections below for more information.

As the curriculum is currently in development, there is no process in place at the moment to gather interest from those wanting to participate in the learning experiences. We expect to have this process in place in the early part of 2020.

The Workshops

A minimum of four in-person workshops will be offered at relevant library conferences or as stand-alone events. Libraries or associations wishing to host these workshops will be solicited through an expression of interest call. Hosts and locations for the workshop will be selected to ensure geographic and participant diversity. The Advisory Board will provide input on the selection process. Enrollment in each workshop will be capped at 25 participants to ensure a productive training environment that includes attention to individual learner needs. Hosts will be responsible for recruiting individual participants in the workshop and arranging for registration, training space, and other logistical considerations.

The Online Course

The online training will be offered as a structured, multi-week online course, which will be offered four times with enrollments of up to 25 participants per course. The baseline requirement to apply to participate in the online training will be having an interest in academic libraries and learning analytics and an interest in privacy and other ethical considerations in learning analytics. In selecting participants, the goal will be to include those with a range of experiences with learning analytics (none, developing, and extensive). There will be no “litmus test” for whether an applicant is already committed to any particular approach to privacy and other ethical considerations. Consideration will also be given to geographic, career stage, and participant diversity.